Each branch of the United States Military has minimum qualification scores that must be earned to enter that particular branch. Some branches have higher qualifications then others. Below is an overview of each.

All Tests have a maximum score of 99 points

Air Force Air force asvab scores

The Air Force has two minimum scores for recruits depending on whether or not they have earned a high school diploma prior to enlisting.

  • With High School Diploma- Recruits must earn at least a 36 out of 99
  • Without a High School Diploma- Recruits must earn at least a 65 out of 99 AND have a GED.

Chances are very slim that recruits will get accepted into the Air Force without a High School Diploma.


Armyarmy asvab score

The army is probably the most lenient out of all the branches of the US Military. The Army allows more recruits to enlist with a GED than any other branch. In Fiscal Year 2008, only 83 percent of new Army recruits had a high school diploma

  • Minimum score must be at least a  31 out of 99

Marine Corps  Marine ASVAB

As with the Air Force, recruits without high school diploma have very little chances of being accepted. The Marine Corp also limits GED enlistments to no more than 5% per year.

  • With high school diploma-  must score at least a 32
  • Without high school diploma ( Must have a GED)- minimum score is 50 out of 99


Navy America's Navy ASVAB

Also like the Air Force, the Navy accepts very little recruits who do not have a high school diploma. If applying with a GED you must have no drug use, at least three references from influential members of the community ( police, fire, judge, teacher etc) and no arrests other than minor traffic offenses.

  • Minimum score of 35 out of 99
  • With GED- minimum score is 50 out of 99

Coast Guard coast guard asvab test

The Coast Guard requires a minimum of 40 points on the AFQT. A waiver is possible if a recruit’s Line Scores qualify them for a specific job, and the recruit is willing to enlist in that job.

  • Minimum Score- 40 out of 99
  • With GED- must score a 50 out of 99





In reality, this test will determine not only your acceptance into the military, but also what jobs you are assigned once accepted. More importantly, it can have a huge effect on your military income as the higher paying jobs go to the higher scoring recruits. All recruits should purchase a study guide and work through it thoroughly. Below is a link to the best study guide available.


Take the Practice Test Here for free



Study Guide Here

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